1. Conditions of return

Customers need to check the condition of the goods and can exchange/return the goods at the time of delivery/receipt in the following cases:

Goods do not match the type and model in the ordered order or as on the website at the time of ordering.
Not enough quantity, not enough set as in the order.
External conditions are affected such as packaging tear, peeling, broken …
It is the responsibility of the customer to present relevant documents proving the above deficiency to complete the return/return of the goods.

2. Regulations on the time to notify and send returned products

Time for notification of return and exchange: within 48 hours of receiving the product in case the product lacks accessories, gifts or is broken.
Time to send and return the product: within 14 days of receiving the product.
Product return location: Customers can bring the goods directly to our office/store or by post.

3. Instructions on how to return the product

Step 1: notify us about the product return via HOTLINE: +47 291 72 581
Step 2: We will confirm the condition of the goods, and confirm whether the product is eligible for exchange or not.
Step 3: If the return is valid, we will contact you to recover the goods.
Or return the product to: 1810 E Highland Dr, Jonesboro, AR 72401

Step 4: After receiving the product, we will exchange another product, or refund you in the fastest time.

4. How to receive return / refund (Refund Policy)

Customer wants to exchange goods: after product recall, we will send the renewed product to customer’s address.
Customers want cash refund: we will refund cash via discount code, or transfer via bank account.
Customers who want to refund via ATM/Credit Card: We do not currently apply payment for purchases and refunds via ATM/Credit Card.
In case you have comments/complaints related to product quality, please contact our customer care line. HOTLINE: +47 291 72 581 – Email: [email protected]